Profile of Dr.Ramas Okoye Asuzu, FCON

PRESIDENT- Foundation For World Peace & Cultural Re-orientation


Dr. Ramas was born on 7th July, 1957 in Nri (The universally acknowledged ancestral home of the Igbos and the epicenter of Igbo civilization and culture) to the family of Anakwuba Enechi Asuzu of Umuezeudu clan of the famous Okeke Adukwu family.

Dr. Ramas, a man of many souls, is a teacher, spiritual leader and healer, philanthropist, counsellor, naturalist, social crusader, universal thinker, manufacturer and a man of very modest disposition. His legacy spans a wide gamut of human experiences and endeavours. Apart from his evergreen sense of philanthropy and identification with diverse organizations, Dr. Ramas has shown very enduring commitment to the propagation and survival of African cultural heritage with an energy that is not commonplace. He has devoted unquantifiable time and resources to forestall the near extinction of our African core cultural values and norms. This passion has found expression in his founding of the Obu Ezumezu Ofo Igbo and the Foundation for World Peace and Cultural Re-orientation which he uses as instruments for the rejuvenation of our ailing cultural life. Through the instrumentality of these institutions, Dr. Ramas has imbued our cultural legacies with such dignity and appeal beyond all imagining.

As an advocate of equity and good governance, he has stood against all forms of abuses and sundry lapses in governance in very inspiring ways. His charitable inclinations induces a drive in him to offer free counseling services to maladjusted persons in the society and welfare services to widows, orphans, sundry social captives, societal underdogs and such other persons struggling on the margins of mere subsistence. To these, he provides regular welfare subsides through affiliate NGOs.

Above all, Dr. Ramas has left a lasting legacy in his unification of core and positive attributes of all religions in his all embracing ministry – The Liberation Temple of the Absolute God which is a practical, non-partisan, universal and cosmopolitan religious conglomerate of diverse faiths, religious doctrines, natural laws of nature, cultural / traditional values and norms uniquely harmonized resulting in a religious synergy that is novel.   


Dr. Ramas holds the traditional titles of Ezeofo Ndigbo Gburugburu (Guardian of Igbo symbol of power, truth and justice bestowed on him by Igwe Nneli of Umueje Kingdom), Ezeoba Akajiofor  Ndigbo (Holder of Igbo ancestral symbol of authority bestowed on him by the Adama Nri (Kingmakers of Igbo land) and Oba society of Ifite Nri), Odenigbo 1 of Igbo land (a man of immense fame and popularity in Igbo land bestowed on him by the Eze Nri), Isimmili Na Nri (the powerhouse of Nri kingdom bestowed on him by the Nze na ozo of Ifite Nri). He is also a United Nations POLAC Ambassador and Mayor of Peace, Igbo Cultural Ambassador by Association of Music and Film Producers and Marketers of Nigeria and Honorary Life Vice-President and Fellow of Chamber of Niger of Onitsha Chamber of Commerce, Mines and Agriculture (ONICCIMA).


In recognition of his contributions towards the elevation of mankind, Dr. Ramas has been honored with numerous titles, awards and appointments among which are:

1.Assistant International Commandant General of Chaplains of the United Nigeria Chaplaincy (UNC).

2.Associate Member of Nigeria Red Cross Society.

3.The Crown Custodian of Igbo Culture (UNN)

4.President, Scout Association of Nigeria (Awka Province).

5.Honorary Doctorate Degree from Pacific Christian University, California, USA.

6.Icon of Leadership Award (RATTAWU, Enugu State Council).

7.Patron, Police Community Public Relations Committee, Anambra Divisional headquarters and Zone 9.

8.Patron, Transparent Leadership Initiative International.

9.Patron, Umuigbo United Assembly.

10.Promoter of Igbo Culture and Religious Harmony Award (National Association of Women Journalists, Enugu state Chapter).

11.Member, National Advisory Board of United Nigeria Chaplaincy.

12.Patron, Igbo Women Assembly.

13.Grand Patron, National Association of Nigeria Student (NANS).

14.Patron, Old Njikoka People’s Assembly.

15.Pillar of Hope, Ngwa Mobilization Front.

16.Patron, of Vigilante Group of Nigeria (VGN

The foregoing notwithstanding, Dr. Ramas preoccupation continues to be geared towards constantly seeking ways and means that will enhance a just and equitable society where peace reigns. His open door policy and philanthropy has endeared him to all making him truly a man of the people extra-ordinary.


Dr. Ramas is happily married to his amiable wife Lolo, Deaconess Bridget Ramas Asuzu (Osodieme) and the union has produced seven wonderful and enterprising children.