His Excellency, Prophet (Dr) Ramas Michael Okoye Asuzu was born on July 7th, 1957 in Nri, Anaocha Local government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria to the family of Anakwuba Enechi Asuzu of Umuezeudu Clan of the famous Okeke Adukwa Family- The first warrant Chief in Nri Kingdom from Uruofolo Village, while his Mother hails from Obiagu Village of Umuochogu clan of the famous  Sergeant Okoye Atu family, The Ancient Kingdom of Nri is universally acknowledged as Progenitors of Igbo culture and civilization and comprises of 2 Sections (Ifite and Ezi Nri) each comprising 3 villages. Ifite Nri who are the Aborigines, is made up of Uru Ofo N’ala, Diodo and Ekwenaike which collectively are referred to as Akamkpisi and Diodo. Ezi Nri comprises of 3 migrant villages of Obeagu,Uruoji and Agbadana who today are collectively known as Agukwu meaning a community living in a Wilderness.
Dr.Ramas holds the Traditional title of Akajiofo Ndigbo Gburugburu (Custodian of Igbo Symbol pf Power, truth and justice) bestowed on him by Igwe Nneli of Umueje Kingdom. Ezeoba Akajiofo Ndiigbo (Holder of Igbo ancestral symbol of Authority bestowed on him by the Adama Nri (King Makers of Igbo Land) and Oba Society of ifite Nri) Odenigbo bestowed on him by the Eze nri). Isimmili of Nri (the Powerhouse of Nri Kingdom by Nze’ozo of Ifite Nri. He is also a United Nations POLAC Ambassador and Mayor of Peace and National Director, UN-POLAC Award centre, Igbo cultural Ambassador by Association of Music and Film Producers and marketers of Nigeria and honorary life vice –President and Fellow of chamber of Niger of Onitsha chamber of Commerce, Mines and Agriculture (ONICCIMA).
Dr.Ramas is a teacher, spiritual healer, philanthropist, counselor, Naturalist, social crusader, universal thinker, manufacturer and a man of very modest disposition who in tune with his calling advocates that God is absolute and created all things to harnessed for the general good of all. This philosophy of his ministry found expression in the founding of the liberation Temple of Absolute God which is a practical, non-partisan, universal and cosmopolitan religious conglomerate of diverse faiths, religious doctrines, natural laws of nature, core cultural and traditional values and norms uniquely blended and harmonized resulting in a religious synergy that is not commonplace. The Liberation Temple of Absolute God is a household of God that welcomes and accommodates peoples of divergent religious inclinations-Christians, Muslims, Zionist, Traditionalist, Atheists etc as well as peoples of different ethnic nationalities, sex, professions, class, philosophies, colour, race, tribe etc. It is the solution ground for spiritual and aggravated health problems, counseling, religious and secular teachings and philanthropy.
Dr.Ramas is a very charitable spiritual leader who has a mission to liberate humanity from the ravages of poverty, ignorance, diseases, segregation, inequalities, bad governance, etc. To express his philanthropic zeal, he registered a number of NGOs and the Ramas Foundation through which he initiates ground breaking economic, social and health remedies designed to ameliorate the sufferings of the poor masses. Through the instrumentality of these NGOs, Dr.Ramas has touched the lives of countless destitute persons struggling on the margin of mere subsistence by providing them some form of escape from the life of grinding toil, poverty and misery through his acclaimed philanthropy. Out of the philanthropic commitment of Dr.Ramas, his foundation has provided free education, free health care, economic and social commitments such as scholarships, job creation and placements, career empowerments and interventions to the poor and infirmed in the society without expressing any donor fatigue. To him, philanthropy is a social and economic obligatory imperative and education and schools are instruments of upward socials mobility.
Dr.Ramas is a renowned philanthropist who emphasizes much on charity works as the ultimate way to bridge the ever widening gap between the rich and the poor, the privileged and less privileged. He recognizes that the gap between the poor is alarming and the only solution to this is for the rich to render charity services to the poor. This observation has found expression in the establishment of a comprehensive and extensive health care programme for the aged and infants and the provision of a herbal skills acquisition centre for free training of young men and women in herbal health remedies through the Ramas Health and Spiritual Care Foundation. The Foundation also provides traditional maternity services at highly subsidized rates to hundreds of pregnant women thereby reducing infant and maternal mortalities. Presently, midwives who will dispense cheap maternity services that will be comparatively affordable to all. He has also developed traditional health remedies for sundry infirmities that can be afforded by the poor in the society. Economically, through the instrumentality of Ramas Health and Spiritual Foundation over 20,000 jobs has been created for the teeming jobless in the society through recommendation and sponsorships to reduce crime. He has also initiated through the foundation, youth empowerment programmes and career opportunities by establishing a skill acquisition centre where young men and women are trained on how to produce candles, soaps, oil, perfumes etc. Socially, the Ramas Foundation has touched the lives of many through its patriotic schemes and philanthropic inclinations, with zeal that is not commonplace. The foundation has sunk boreholes for free water to villagers of his immediate community and others, built houses for homeless and rehabilitated countless families in his Nri community and the state. The Foundation also assumes diverse social responsibilities by sponsoring games and other recreational activities at all levels to alleviate the monotony of everyday life and divert people’s mind from crime and related social vices through the Dr.Ramas Football Tournament.
As a social crusader, he has initiated programmes and instruments for the protection of the weak, the oppressed and sundry captives in society. Using the mass media, he speaks out vehemently against perceived injustices and class discriminations in the society and engages in conflict resolution among families, clans, towns and sundry groups in his capacity as a United Nations PLOAC PEACE ADVOCATE.
To stem the tide of cultural slide and the attendant loss of identity by the people he has strived in an unsurpassed capacity to revive aspects of the people’s culture that impinges positively on their lives. To this effect, he founded the Foundation for World Peace and Cultural reorientation. (FOWPEC). Politically, Dr.Ramas is a staunch advocate of good and equitable governance. Using the mass media and other for a he evaluates and decries the ambivalent policies of ruling establishments which he notes has totally impoverished and emasculated the citizenry. The Foundation offers free counseling services spanning the entire gamut of human experiences to maladjusted persons in the society, families, groups and widows to whom it provides regular subsidies through affiliate NGOs. An NGO, Human Dignity Revival Initiative was established for amongst other things, the defence and welfare of widows, orphans and sundry social captives, destitute and societal underdogs.
In recognition of his contribution towards the elevation of mankind, Dr.Ramas has been honored with numerous titles awards and appointments. Among which are :-
1.      Honorary doctorate from Pacific Christian University, California USA.
2.      Head of Contact group, National Council for Arts and Culture, South East zone.
3.      Nigeria National merit Award for Productivity (Platinum Standard Publications Ltd. Lagos).
4.      Icon of Leadership Award (RATTAWU, ENUGU State council)
5.      Grand patron, Police Community Public Relations Committee, Anaocha Divisional Headquarters. And Zone 9.
6.      Patron, Transparent Leadership Initiative International.
7.      Grand Patron, Nigeria Youths Volunteer Service, Anambra State, Nigeria.
8.      Patron, Unigbo United Assembly.
9.      Patron, PPMC.
10.  Grand Patron, Movement for the survival of Igbo People (MOSIP).
11.  Grand Patron, Omenigbo Nigeria.
12.  Member, National Advisory Board of United Nigeria Chaplaincy.
13.  Patron, Igbo Women Assembly.
14.  Grand Patron, National Association of Nigeria Students (NANS).
15.  Promoter of Igbo Culture and religious Harmony Award (National Association of Women Journalists, Enugu State Chapter.
16.  Patron, Nigeria Union of Journalist, Daily Trust Chapels, Awka.
17.  President, Scouts Association of Nigeria (Awka Province).
18.  Pillar of Hope, Ngwa Mobilization Front.
19.  Patron, Old Njikoka Peoples Assembly.
      The foregoing notwithstanding, Dr.Ramas preoccupation is geared towards constantly seeking ways and means that will enhance a just and equitable society, where peace reigns. His open policy and philanthropy has endeared him to all making him truly a man of the People.

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